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Why do I need to enter a code before entering a form?
Unfortunately certain internet programs have been created which crawl the web looking for 'forms' where data can be input and placed on a webpage. These internet programs automatically post irrelevent text messages and advertisements most often with links to malicious websites that are likely to harm your computer. These have been nicknamed "Spam-Bots."
As a precaution and to prevent spam-bots from loading this website with junk which then takes time afterwards to delete, a simply validation check has been placed to ensure that you are human rathen than an internet program!
Even with this validation check, some internet users will post spam or profanity messages however it is much easier to control this way.
More and more websites are installing the same validation systems known as 'Captcha' so it is only a matter of time before typing validation code becomes the norm on the net.
After validating the page will refresh and a text box will appear under the existing comments (if any) usually at the bottom of the page. Simply type in your comment and your name then post your comment. It will appear immediately on the site!
Answer in short: Spam-Bots

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