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3rd Mediterranean Exhibit of the Visual Arts
Around forty Algerian and foreign artists will take part on Sunday in the 3rd edition of the Mediterranean Exhibit of Visual Arts, whose opening ceremony begins on Monday with a private art view in the presence of city officials at the House of Arts & Culture Zeddour-Brahim-Belkacem in Oran.
3rd Mediterranean Exhibit of the Visual Arts
A section of the poster for the event
The president of the organising association Civ-Oeil, Tewfik Ali-Chaouche, stated that this event, placed under the theme “The Influence of African Art” will last until Wednesday the 22nd of August exhibiting around a hundred paintings and sculptures.

He added that the painter artists Mersali Othmane and Affif Cherfaoui appear among the participants of this edition that will be marked by the presentation of new creations.

Painter and sculptor artists from around the country were invited to take part in this event along with several others from France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

Arroussi Abdelhamid, the person in charge of Unac (National Union of Cultural Arts) will chair, on this occasion, a jury responsible for selecting three best works of art whose authors will be awarded prizes at the closing ceremony on the 22nd.
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18 August 2007
Tewfik Ali-Chaouche, APS, Visit Oran
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