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Chinese companies boost Oran's port activity
The Chinese companies constructing the East-West highway, which was launched a few years ago, have revived trade activities within Oran's port.
Chinese companies boost Oran's port activity
Oran port
Industrial equipment and imported machines destined for the highway constructions works have boosted the port's commercial activities.

The port handling capacity is estimated at 4 millions tons per year, slightly increased about 2%, compared with 2006, while 1280 containers have passed through the airport.

In this context, industrial goods across the airport have reached a record, 44% more, compared with the last statistics, exceeding 1.5 million tons.

These products are composed of machines and apparatus imported by the Chinese consortium, Sitic-Crcc, contracted with the west section of the East-West highway mega project.

Furthermore, Oran's port has handled about 2 billion tonnes of goods imported in containers, with a net weight reaching 700,000 tons.

The products are stocked in 63,000 imported containers, each measuring 20 meters long, while 1,000 containers are to be exported. Liquid products handled by the port reached 115,000 tons, these products are used oils and other energetic products.
Aug 29, 2009 | 12:20
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20 March 2008
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