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Biggest water desalination project in the world
"Biggest water desalination project in the world"
Singaporean company Hyflux Ltd. will build a water desalination plant for an investment of $468 mill...
OHL to construct convention centre in Oran
The Spanish group OHL announced that they have been chosen to construct Sonatrach’s convention centr...
Sonatrach to Invest in Oran's 'Chateauneuf Hotel'
Sonatrach, the 11th largest oil consortium in the world is starting an acquisition process for the C...
Construction of Oran’s ‘Trade Center’
Construction is well under way for Oran’s ‘Trade Center’ as named by the owner group Sidar. A comple...
Three Spanish Firms Vying To Acquire Oran's Future Tramway
Local authorities in Oran in western Algeria have announced that 3 major Spanish groups namely Accio...
New Methods For Real Estate Promotion
The General Union of Contractors and Operators (UGEOA) will shortly submit proposals to the housing ...
Algerian East-West Highway
The highway will span 8,216km linking the Algeria-Tunisia border to the East and the Algeria-Morocco...
Sofitel Royal Oran Opening 15 December 2006
It is official. Sofitel Royal Oran will open its doors on the 15th of December. The cons...
5 Million Dinars to be collected for Eïd
At least 1,000 families will benefit during Eïd this year from Zakat (Charity: One of the 5 pillars ...
Habibas Island Development
Construction works to re-develop and maintain the Habibas Islands (in the extreme North West of the ...

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