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Business - Oran
Besides the bustling commercial city centre and port, Oran's major centre of business and industry lies in the oil refineries and multinational corporations located in the town of Arzew - 20 miles North East of Oran City.
Pleasure - Oran
A place to escape it all. The region of Oran is the ideal place to spend some quality time with friends, family or even yourself. It is a place that remains 'undiscovered'.
In the Spring and Summer, Oran offers a wide choice of beaches and a magnificent coral reef close to Cap Blanc and Madagh. Simply driving around making your choice can take a large chunk out of the day!
Apart from beaches, the area comprises of historical attractions such as the magnificent Santa Cruz fort and Great Mosque which recently became open to the public.
Front de Mer (Oran's balcony) is the only place to be during the evening after a long day. It boasts fine crêperies and pleasant restaurants & pizzerias.
Oran Profile - Algeria
1.5 Million
Regional Area
2,114 km2
450km West of the capital Algiers. 200km South of Spain across Mediterranean Sea. North Coast of Algeria, North Africa.
Wahran, El Bahia
Algeria's second largest city. Mountain Abdelkader (with a peak of 535m) lies between Oran City and Ain-El-Turk. Highest point in the Oranaise Region is upon Mountain Bourdjia with a peak of 751 (36km south of City Centre).
Oran Es-Senia International Airport, 12km south of the City Centre.
9 in total: Oran, Ain-El-Turck, Arzew, Bethioua, Es Sénia, Bir El Djir, Boutlélis, Oued Tlélat, Gydel.
Tahar Sakrane
Benkadda Sadek (From 9 Dec 2007)
Ex Mayor: Nouredine Boukhatem
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