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Sheraton Oran Hotel & Towers
 La Gare d'Oran
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Oran Morning Tour
» Place du 1er Novembre (Place d'armes)
» Boulevard Maata Habib (formerly Boulevard Joffre)
» The Mosque (formerly a synagogue) and the Derb Jewish area
» Arena (Old Bull-ring) on Avenue de Oujda
» El-hamri, Jewish-european cemeteries
» The village M'dina El Djadida
» Demaeght Museum (Musée National Ahmed Zabana)
Oran Evening Tour
» 1630 Depart
» Great Mosque - Built by Bey Mohamed El-Kebir in 1796
» Place de la République
» The 1st Prefecture of Oran
» Place Kléber
» The Mosolé of Sidi El-Houari
» Cathédrale of St Luis (1st in Oran)
» Spanish éscaliéra of Oran
» Fort of Santa Barbara and its ports
» Santa Cruz & Mardjadjo (16th Century)
» Chapel with the statue of the Virgin Mary built in 1849
» The Qoubba of Sidi Abdelkader built in 1819
» Qasr el-Bey (Bey Castle)
Oran by Night Tour
» 1630 Depart
» Le Pont Zabana (Zabana Bridge with beautiful views of Oran at night)
» The Sheraton Hotel & Towers
» View of Oran from the 'Terrace of Canastel'
- Dinner in a restaurant by the Mediterranean sea in Kristel
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